Quint India participates in itSMF event

itSMF IndiaArticle by Sunil Mehta, Country Manager Quint Wellington Redwood India

The itSMF India event was held on 15th May in Delhi. Quint was one of the main organizers of the event along with Hewlett Packard and IIIT Bangalore.

The theme of the event was “Transform your Business through ITSM”.

In this event the IT community came to meet the Industry Experts and Thought Leaders and to get an insight on how one can transform and operate their IT efficiently by using Best Practices, Latest Thinking & Management Approaches of Service Management. The participants were also able to network with the best of the Breed Service Management Professionals, learn from the experiences of organizations who have travelled the path of ITSM Best Practices.

The participants also learnt about the emerging trends. What are the new and exciting best practices, tools and frameworks that can help the organization to confront the top challenges of the company will face in 2014 and beyond. The participants were welcomed and introduction session was delivered by Sunil Mehta, Managing Director, Quint Wellington Redwood India/ Board Member itSMF India Chapter

The keynote was delivered by Frank Grift under the topic “Transform your Business through IT Best Practices”.

There were paper presented on the various aspects of business transformation and the session concluded with a Vote of Thanks from Suresh G P, Board member itSMF india Chapter. The “call for paper” event was a paid event where the paper registration was not complementary. The seminar was very well received with more than 70 participants attending the conference.

The MC for the event was Suresh Srinivasan, Regional Sales Head, Quint, who was also actively involved to make this event a success.

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